Computer Repair And Maintenance Adelaide

Computer Repair & Maintenance Adelaide

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Computer Repair And Maintenance Adelaide

By LaserIT Adelaide

Whether you are a home user, small business or a corporation in Adelaide, computer repair and maintenance is a service that you will require on an ongoing basis. This is especially true if you run a small business or company.

A small business has an average of 5-10 computer systems, while a company can have up to 20 and more computer systems. Even with a full-time IT staff member onboard, providing computer repair and maintenance for that many PCs can be more than one person’s workload. Add to that the regular computer maintenance tasks of upgrading operating systems, virus protection, security updates and such, computer repairs and maintenance can get out of control quickly.

For that reason, many companies in Adelaide have actually opted to outsource their computer repair and maintenance tasks. This frees up their staff and resources to focus on what is important to their core business. However, some companies still prefer to handle computer repair and maintenance in-house. Let’s look at the benefits and downsides of going DIY, or outsourcing computer repairs and maintenance work.

Computer Repair And Maintenance Adelaide – DIY

Doing it yourself is a good option if you only have a few PCs or computer systems to maintain. Given that PCs don’t normally break down all at once, a small business may be able to aptly handle their own IT needs in-house. Obviously, going DIY for computer repair and maintenance saves money for the business. IT costs for computer repairs and maintenance have been affordable in Adelaide, but depending on the technical issue, troubleshooting and diagnosis fees can vary and escalate. So if you only have a few computer systems in your business or home, by all means, DIY.

There are some downsides to doing things yourself. Firstly, time is an important consideration. Your staff’s time is a cost center for your business. Your own time is also an opportunity cost – whereby you could have spent that time on revenue generating activities. Spending time to troubleshoot a problem with just one computer system, could take hours. Let alone working on a few computer systems at once. The question you need to consider is, would your staff’s time be better spent in other areas of the business.

Another downside is Productivity. The longer your PCs remain inoperable or faces downtime, the longer your staff’s productivity is impacted. Without the use of their PCs, research has shown that a staff could only be operating at 20-30% efficiency. This is a serious impact to the productivity of any business.

Finally, going DIY on computer repairs requires some level of expertise and technical knowledge. Unless your business can afford investing into these skill-sets, you will need to rely on unproven technical skills of existing staff. The problem with that is, inaccurate troubleshooting and diagnosis, will actually cost you a lot more than taking the PC to a qualified technician.

Computer Repair & Maintenance Adelaide – Outsource

Outsourcing has only one downside. And we will start with that. It is definitely a business cost. And smart business owners incorporate this into their operating costs as an infrastructural cost. Apart from the cost factor, outsourcing can actually have many upsides.

Firstly, the time taken for computer repairs can be significantly reduced. This minimises the downtime and impact to your staff’s productivity. Computer Repair and Maintenance companies have IT labs wherein they can effectively and efficiently troubleshoot and fix issues. With proper equipment and test components, computer repairs can be completed very quickly. All of these tasks, happening outside of your business environment, so that there is little impact to your staff.

Secondly, your computer repairs and maintenance IT support company have the proper technical skills for accurate troubleshooting. Most computer repairs technicians are able to quickly determine the root cause of a technical issue, often based on their wealth of experience in dealing with computer repairs. Accurate diagnosis always saves you time and money. And addresses the technical issues at the root.

Another benefit of outsourcing is cost-effectiveness. Having an appointed computer repair and maintenance company actually saves you on long term repair costs. You would be eligible for preferential rates, often much lower service fees than a normal consumer would pay. These service contracts can save you quite a bit in the long run. You also enjoy the peace of mind and assurance that all your IT needs are taken care of.

Computer Repair And Maintenance Adelaide – Choosing An IT Support Company

Computer Repair And Maintenance Adelaide







It is important to choose the right IT Support company for your business. Although the IT, Computer repair and maintenance industry is quite well established in Adelaide, it is still important to go with companies that have a proven track record of technical expertise and customer service. There’s nothing more trying than signing a maintenance contract and being locked in with a company cannot deliver on it’s claims.

There are a few important considerations when shortlisting IT support companies. The first thing you could look for is the company’s history. How long has the company been providing IT services to Adelaide businesses? This is a strong reflection on how well the company’s services are being received by it’s customers. The longer a company’s history, the more likely it is delivering real quality support and service to it’s clients.

Another important consideration is the technical expertise of the company. This is hard to gauge when you are dealing with new IT companies that you have not previously dealt with. A good approach would be to read the reviews about the company, or ask around to get feedback on a company. Often, other business owners who have signed on with good IT support companies, would be more than willing to share their positive experiences.

Computer Repair And Maintenance Adelaide – Why LaserIT

LaserIT is an iconic South Australian IT support company, providing IT consultancy, computer repair and maintenance services – since 1984. With over 30 years of IT consultancy experience, our staff is trained to handle any computer repair and maintenance requirements. An in-house technical lab allows us to effectively and efficiently fix any technical issue related to PCs, Servers and other hardware.

Besides computer repair and maintenance, LaserIT also specialises in more advanced IT solutions, such as Servers & Networking Infrastructure. For an in-depth discussion of your company’s IT requirements, contact us at 08 8357 7871.

Computer Repair And Maintenance Adelaide – Small Business Consultancy

LaserIT specialises in supporting small and medium business enterprises. We are able to provide end to end IT consultancy services – ranging from PCs to Servers and Networking Infrastructure. Depending on your particular IT requirements, we will be able to customise a service contract that’s ideal for your business.

Computer Repair And Maintenance Adelaide – Posted by LaserIT
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